"Champ" or Irish Mashed Potatoes

By Julie Follansbee March 10, 2016
"Champ" in Irish means "to smash" or "to pound". This is so simple and fast!
  • Potatoes, peels on (and if you are really looking for quick, there are bagged potatoes you can microwave)
  • Green onions chopped - both the green and white parts
  • Butter (really go Irish and use Kerrygold!)
  • Milk
Cook potatoes (either by boiling or microwaving). Saute green onions in butter. Add a little bit of milk to the butter and green onions. Use a masher to mash the potatoes (don't whip). Combine the onion mixture to the potatoes and mash together.

You can adorn the potatoes with baby spinach to add more green. Some leaves actually look like shamrocks!

You can also create a well in the potatoes and add some more melted butter to look like gold!