Enrich Your Community, Yourself: Join Our Macaroni KID Publisher Team!

With summer winding down & school starting up, it's time to find something new for YOU

By Erika Veduccio August 15, 2021

School is starting and the house is quiet (finally!). Now is the time for you to do something for YOU.

If you've dreamed of starting your own business, learning new skills, making a difference in your community, and earning awesome perks and extra money for your family ... well, now is the time! We are recruiting new Macaroni KID publishers throughout the United States and Canada in areas where we don't already have a team member in place. 

Ready to go on this adventure with us? Our next training begins in September for new publishers.

Starting your own Macaroni KID business is an exciting venture: You'll create THE go-to resource for families in your community with an events calendar packed with local family fun. You'll connect with locally-owned businesses and help promote them by connecting them to your readers. You'll become an influencer in your community. You'll be the one with a pulse on all the family fun happening in your town! 

You'll also join our community of hundreds of publishers across the United States and Canada. We are a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming team.

Here is a snapshot look at just three of our publishers:


Eraina is a publisher in North Carolina.

Eraina was a publisher in the Los Angeles area, but last year moved with her family to South Carolina. She is now publishing Macaroni KID Cary, N.C. Eraina is a Yale graduate, mom to four beautiful girls, and … a TED Talk speaker! She is ecstatic to bring Macaroni KID to her new community. You can find her spending time on the weekends exploring new parks and farmers' markets in her area.


Emily, left, is a publisher in Massachusetts.

Emily and her wife have lived in Central Massachusetts for 10 years. Emily publishes Macaroni KID Leominster-Clinton, Mass. Emily is a former marketing manager and a mom to two great kids. She loves working with small businesses and connecting with her readers. Her Birthday Club, which rewards kids with local coupons from community businesses, is a huge success!


Gillian is a publisher in Florida.

Gillian is a middle school teacher and the publisher of Macaroni KID Boca Raton, Fla. She has lived in South Florida so long she remembers Broward County in its “smaller town” days when University Blvd. was the end of "civilization" and there was no I-595, Sawgrass Mills Mall, or expressway. Gillian loves the Boca Raton and Parkland area and believes this area to be truly one of the best places in this country for families to live. She loves being a mom, enjoys spending time with her husband and kids at the park, taking long walks, and enjoying the amazing South Florida weather.

Ready to find out more about how to join publishers like Eraina, Emily, and Gillian? We'll provide all the training you need so that you too can run a flexible, home-based business that allows you to earn money, build your resume, and spend time with your family – with flexibility that works for you! Click here to find out more and apply today.