Dyslexia Different

Now available on Amazon!

By Nicole Torretti, Publisher of Macaroni KID Enfield March 25, 2024

I am so excited to share this book with you. I highly recommend Dyslexia Different. I love that Tracy Kearcher wrote this book with her daughter. Join Ally and Tracy as they discover how to work through Dyslexia.

“We hope this cute story helps other children and families out there who are struggling like Ally and I were for years. It took a long time to get the proper diagnosis of Dyslexia.”

“My daughter and I hope our story helps other children out there who may have Dyslexia. After many years of struggling in school and with self esteem we finally have gotten some answers. Dyslexia affects everyday reading, writing, typing and speaking. We hope you enjoy our story and please spread the word to increase Dyslexia Awareness.”

Dyslexia Different is now available on Amazon. Click HERE to find this amazing book.